Следом за предыдущим постом, 20-ти минутный ролик от Touge Heroes.

Он издателей:
This is a free 20 minute remix of Touge Heroes Volume One. Project2 is now underway, thanks to the hundreds of you that supported us and bought the full 1:20hr DVD (you can still pick up copies on Duke Video, links from our website).

For more info you can contact Al via emails – al (at) trackdayfilms.com

So once again, a HUGE huge thanks to everyone who helped get the project off the ground – whether you bought the K’s Edition DVD or helped drive or show us your garage or helped us interview you, we are now in the position to be able to make things bigger, better, faster and smokier.

Project2 is the title for the next series – and yes, it will be series of short films – so please visit the new website at tougeheroes.com, and prepare for new cars, new locations, new formats and new awesomeness.

The sound track on this film is completely different to the fully licensed track listings for Volume One!

Touge Heroes xxx