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Сильный гопстопер

Понимаю что многие уже слышали о проекте The Gobstopper созданный компанией Roger Clark Motorsports, но все же, о таком должны знать ВСЕ!

Спеклист под катом

WRC steel arches WRC front and rear bumpers
WRC carbon rear spoiler
FIA T45 multi point welded in roll cage
STi alloy bonnet with RCMS heat extraction vents and gas struts
Heated front screen
WRC non heated lightweight rear screen
2.0Litre closed deck subaru block
RCMS extreme arrow rods
RCMS 75mm steel crankshaft
RCMS omega flat top pistons (coated) compression ratio 9.5:1
V4 STi cylinder heads with WRC/RCMS O-ring head gaskets and gas rings
One piece Nimonic exhaust valves
One piece stainless inlet valves
RCMS uprated valve springs
Plasma nitrided titanium spring caps
WRC main and big end bearings
WRC R-Profile high wrap cam belt system
RCMS modified oil pump to suit R-Profile belt
WRC S10 inlet manifold
RCMS eight injector kit
RCMS 72mm throttle body
RCMS 5.5 litre alloy sump
WRC short runner exhaust manifold
Garret GT 35-40 turbo with speed sensor
K&N air filter with RCMS 100mm inlet trumpet
RCMS high flow intercooler with twin tube core
70mm stainless steel intercooler pipe work
M800 Motec ECU with traction control,nitrous control,anti-lag
paddle shift control,and full engine management control and data login
Motec dash with data login
Defi gauges for turbo,oil,fuel pressure
FIA carbon kevlar recaro seats
FIA sabelt 6-point harness
R180 STi rear axle 3.9:1 cwp and plated modena LSD differential
GKN rally drive shafts front and rear
Torque line carbon fibre propshaft
Six speed subaru gearbox casing modified for sequential housing
Six speed modena gear kit
Subaru 3.9:1 front cwp
RCMS sequential system
RCMS paddle shift system
Plated centre diff with 1:1 uprated output modena gears
Plated front modena differential
Топливная система
FIA spec 26 litre rubber/kevlar bag tank in aluminium cover
Twin bosch fuel pumps (200 litre per pump)
-8 Goodrich fuel feed pipe
-6 Goodrich fuel return pipe
-6 fuel cooler with cooling fan on return
RCMS 8 injector distribution block
2x SX fuel regulators running at 4 bar static pressure
WRC spec exe-tc fully ajustable dampers
High and low speed bump + rebound ajustment
STi Rose jointed rear lateral links
STi Rose jointed rear trailing links
Exe-tc bottom rose jointed upright bushes
STi alloy front arms (polished)
STi quick-steer steering rack
WRC roller bearing single piece steering column
Momo suede steering wheel
NX full wet system
121bs carbon bottle with heater jacket
High flow shark nozzle
Motec auto control or driver manual system
Ajustable from +35bhp to +400bhp
RCMS spec triple plate alloy cover OS GIKEN clutch and flywheel
RCMS hydraulic light pressure system
Quick release dry brake fluid connection
AP 355mm six pot front (track and road use)
AP 304mm four pot front (drag strip use)
AP 290mm four pot rear with floating discs
RCMS hydraulic carbon handbrake
-3 stainless steel goodrich pipe work and fittings
Road/Track use 19×8 forged alloy 1 piece rims
Drag strip use 15×8 spun alloy 3 piece rims

Мощность=850 bhp
Вес=1120 kgs
Первый ивент:TOTB july 30th 2006
Первое шоу:Max Power Live 29th july 2006
Используется в:street/track/hill climbs/drag strip/time attack


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